Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Why nobody really takes every word of the Bible literally

Good post here from Randall Rauser. I've met a good many people over the years who honestly thought they belived every word of the Bible literally, but I doubt whether I'll ever come across anyone who really does. How do they manage to kid themselves?


  1. There are numerous 'independent' churches who preach the bible literally. I think this is dangerous because those who question the literal word are made to feel faithless. On the contrary, questioning and and an enquiring mind make for a good religious base.

  2. I was in one briefly, many years ago. They thought they took the bible literally, but despite banging on about it all the time, they were completely hidebound, and wouldn't move an inch from 99% of the traditions they grew up with. They were like 19th Century Methodists, with choruses and believers' baptism tacked on so they could pretend they weren't. The way they handled the Bible struck me as dishonest and manipulative, so I started studying it seriously, and never stopped.